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Welcome to our internet site "Enjoy Making Wooden Toys".

I was born into a carpentry family so I have always had access to tools and timber, enjoying making toys for myself when I was young.

I worked in earthmoving for quite a period of my life so I had a good understanding of machinery. It seemed natural to combine the two so I started making toys that moved dirt about 20 yrs ago and moved to professionally making toys and furniture for child care centres and for sale at markets.

A challenge for me was to put all my knowledge onto paper for you to use so you can "Enjoy Making Wooden Toys" too.

We started on the first version of this internet site in 2009, and I was making and selling all of the toys as well as the plans. After a few years, frankly I was over trying to find boxes and ship Hutches and Sink stoves around Australia and decided to continue to sell the plans and only make trucks. That kept me out of trouble for a few years, but after turning 70 I have decided to focus on design. 

I hope you enjoy making these toys, most plans come with full size templates making the process easy to follow. (The exceptions for full size templates are the large items of furniture where measurements are more practical)

Cheers, Phil


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