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Enjoy Making Wooden Toys


Boys Toys

You can buy the Plan & Pattern and make the toy yourself,

or for most trucks we will make it for you so you can purchase the finished Truck

or have a look under "Wooden Trucks" and create you own truck.



Toy Wooden Fire Engine Toy Wooden Model T Coupe Wooden Toy Model T Tow Truck Wooden Toy Model T Pick Up truck or Ute


T Model Fords

Fire Engine, Coupe, Tow Truck, Pick up.

Plan & Pattern  for the set of 4 $35


More Details




 Articulated grader

(50cm Long)

NEW - Grader - Articulated

(Bends in the Middle)

Articulated with blade which moves up and down and lazy front and back axles to cover rough terrain. 

Plan & Pattern $25

More Details


Large Kenworth Prime Mover

(44cm Long)


NEW - Large Prime Mover

Prime Mover with all the trimmings. 

Plan & Pattern $25

More Details






Float and Digger

Designed to be pulled behind the Rigid Truck this 8t Digger arm will reach high enough to load the Truck and Dog. 

Plan & Pattern $25 (Trailer and Digger only)

More Details


(80cm Long)

Rigid Tip Truck and Tipping Dog Trailer

Once loaded, up it tips and out comes the load. 

Plan & Pattern $30

More Details



Wooden Toy Dump Truck for boys

(40cm Long)

Wooden Dump Truck

Easily loaded with the Big Front End loader, It has a grab handle for easy tipping. 

Plan & Pattern $20

More Details


Big front end loader boys toy

(40cm Long)

Big Front End Loader

Easily loads the Dump Truck with an easy grab handle for the little hands of the operator.

Plan & Pattern $20

More Details



Wooden Dump Truck and Wooden Loader

 (Each 40cm Long)

Earthmoving Pack

The Dump Truck and the Big Front End Loader together.


2 x Plan & Patterns  $30

More Details





Bi-Plane on a rocker can be removed and wheeled around 

(92cm x 62cm)

Bi-Plane Rocker

For the little ones. They use this as a rocker and when they get bigger the plane unbolts from the base and can be ridden along on its wheels.


Plan & Patterns  $25

More Details







Cab Over Prime Mover and B Double Trailer

(Over 1m long)


Plan & Patterns  $30

More Details






Fire Station

(Will take up to Barbie size figures)

This sturdy wooden Fire Station has four rooms, a fire pole and a staircase  This great Fire Station is made of solid pine and has a removable back so children can access it from both sides while in play. It is 30cm wide so it can be easily stored out of the way when not in use on a shelf.


Plan and Pattern $20

plus shipping


More Details




Log Truck and cab over prime mover

(52cm Long)

Log Truck

A favourite with the Mums, you will be amazed what it ends up carrying.

Plan & Pattern $20

More Details


Racing Cars wooden toys for boys

(16cm Long)

Racing Cars

Entry level motor racing at its best. The team is sure to win.

Plan & Pattern $8

More Details



Wooden Toy racing Truck Kenworth type

(30cm Long)

Racing Truck

From the front air dam and brake cooling ducts to the big rear spoiler this purpose built truck will delight.

Plan & Pattern, DVD $25

More Details


Toy Garage with cars suitable for matchbox cars

(61.5cm Long)

Toy Garage

Suitable for matchbox cars, has a garden at the side, ramp at the back and drive through service area..

Plan & Pattern $25

More Details



Old Pickup truck wooden truch

(58cm Long)

Old Pick Up

This old fellow also has a drop down tailgate.

Plan & Pattern $25

More Details


Kenworth Prime Mover black

 (30cm Long)

Prime Mover

Will Pull each of our trailers with ease.

Plan & Pattern $17

Finished Toy $95

plus shipping

More Details



Car Trailer with cars wooden toy


(64cm Long)

Car Trailer and Cars

The top ramp moves up and down to allow the cars to load. The lower deck is angled with a lift up tailgate. 

Plan & Pattern $17

Finished Toy $190

plus shipping

More Details


kenworth with flat bed trailer

(80cm Long)

PM & Tray Trailer

The Trailer is easily unhitched and comes with tie downs to secure the load.

Plan & Pattern x 2  $20

Finished Toy $145

plus shipping

More Details




(Plan for trailer only)

(48cm Long)

Semi Tipper

Easy to use grab handle for lifting. Fun to load at the sandpit with the Digger or Loader.

Plan & Pattern $17

Finished Toy PM and Trailer $ 145

plus shipping

More Details


Low Loader wooden toy

(64cm Long)

Low Loader

Easily carries the Big Front End Loader to the worksite.

Plan & Pattern $17

Finished Toy PM and Trailer $145

plus shipping

More Details



Wooden toy trucks and trailers


Truck Pack - Plans and Patterns

Includes plans for: 1 x Prime Mover, Semi Tipper, Car Trailer & 6 cars, Low Loader and Tray Trailer.


5 x Plan & Patterns  $59

More Details





sandpit digger

(Extends to 122cm)

Sandpit Digger

Great fun in a sandpit. It swivels around and has a great reach and lift. It can easily load the Dump Truck, Old Pick up or Semi Tipper.

Plan & Pattern  $25

More Details




Wooden Train toy

(47.5cm Long)

Pull Along Train

The joys of days gone by, hear the hiss of steam.

Plan & Pattern $17

More Details



 (1.1m Long)

Cattle Truck B Double

Prime Mover and the Cattle B Double


Plan & Pattern Trailer only $20 (More Details on the plan and pattern  - click here)

Finished Toy Trailer and Prime Mover$ 195 (More Details - Click here to go to My Wooden Truck)

Road Trains and Engraving available

plus shipping






Wooden Wheels, wheels made from wood

Wooden Wheels

Wooden wheels to make life easier.

All are made from 120x35mm MGP15 Pine and come in sizes to suit our trucks and earthmoving equipment.

Prices vary - click on 'More Details' below.

More Details





Rocking Horse

(135cm l x 73cm h x Base 72cm wide)

Rocking Horse

Play Cowboys and Indians on your own horse

Lovely Rocking horse on slide. Suit 2yr to 6yr old


Plan & Patterns  $30

plus shipping


More Details

  Wooden Rocking Horse Head    Rocking Horse



 Pull Along Dog in wood

(25.5cm long)

Pull Along Dog

Whether out walking on grass or concrete this lovely little pup won't falter or stray.

Plan & Pattern $12

More Details



Childs wheelbarrow with two front wheels

 (76cm Long)

Childrens Wheelbarrow

This sturdy wheelbarrow will wether many years of garden duties.

Plan & Pattern $17

More Details




Childs wooden table and four chairs


Table and Four Chairs

Four wooden Chairs and a sturdy table with geometric shapes in the back of each chair.

All are coloured in beautiful non toxic food colouring based wood stains, with natural pine legs sealed in a non toxic water based lacquer.


Plan & Patterns  $20

More Details




Childs Rocking Chair

This lovely childs Rocking Chair provides an ideal chair for the young child to sit in while reading a picture book, watching TV or just relaxing. Choice of a Heart, Train or Circle in the back. Suitable for children from 2yrs old to 5yrs old.

Plan & Patterns  $20

More Details



Block trolley walking aid with 24 coloured blocks 

(35cm x 26cm)

Block Trolley & 24 Coloured Wooden Blocks

For the little ones. A great walking aid and the blocks provide hours of amusement for many years.


Plan & Patterns $17

More Details





What you get when you buy the Plan and Pattern:
  • Full size wooden toy patterns on 160gsm board for you to trace out the shapes plus detailed step by step instructions on how cut out, prepare the pieces and put together your great wooden toy.

  • Wooden toy plans and patterns are easy to follow with diagrams and photos .

  • These Genuine 'Children Tuff' wooden toys are made from wood, screwed and glued no nails.

  • When possible Enjoy Making Wooden Toy plans give shortcuts or easy options so you can choose. Example: Paint on steps rather than cut in.

  • All plans come with a detailed material list. Most people find they have most of the timber to make them already as off cuts from larger projects in their workshop.



Car Trailer Pattern for the sides showing placement of ramps and floor. This is in full size so it can be cut out and traced onto timber.

Some of the construction plans

for the Prime Mover.

An example of one of the pattern sheets.

This is for the Log Trailer.

You cut out these pieces and trace them onto the timber as indicated on the pattern.



We will be updating our page regularly with new toys

please return and check our progress.

Phillip has over 100 toy patterns that he has designed over the years. He is currently working toward putting the plans and patterns into a commercial format so you can enjoy making wooden toys.

If there is a particular item that you are interested in please drop Phillip an E-Mail and he will let you know when the plan is posted on the site or will let you know if he doesn't have a plan for that item.


If you don't like ordering and paying online - that's fine, send us and email or give us a call, you can find our details under "Contact Us"



Check out our 'Girls Toys'


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