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Welcome to my internet site "Enjoy Making Wooden Toys".


I was born into a carpentry family so I have always had access to tools and timber. Enjoying making toys for myself when I was young.

I worked in earth moving for quite a period of my life so I had a good understanding of machinery. It seemed natural to combine the two so I started making toys that moved dirt about 20 yrs ago and have been professionally making toys and furniture for child care centres and markets ever since.


The challenge now is to put all my knowledge onto paper so over the next few months I will have lots of plans for you to use to "Enjoy Making Wooden Toys".


Put some passion into the project and you will "Enjoy Making Wooden Toys" too.     April 2009


Well I have been selling my plans now for 12months over the internet and now due to demand have decided to also sell the finished toys for Australian delivery. It turns out not as many people make things any more and more and more expect to be able to buy them. The postage overseas is prohibitive however we have sourced a courier company for Australian deliveries which seems quiet reasonable and which also made the shipping of our kits a bit cheaper than previously, so you may have noticed this shipping price go down. I have had to get my lovely partner Lee to change the internet site again to accommodate the extra pricing while trying not to confuse us all, I hope it worked.


It looks like Lee and I will be both be under the house making toys, this way I am still free to get some more plans ready.  I have just finished a lovely series of Jalopies based on the T Model Ford. I hope you like them.   


If you are in South East QLD we will have our toys on display and all of our plans at the Rathdowney Heritage Festival on the 4th of April 2010. Look for our truck near the tank stand at the end o the barn.  March 2010




Well we have now been to the Heritage Festival the Brisbane Working with Wood show in May and the Sydney Working with Wood Show which was in June 2010 thanks again to our customers who dropped into our stand and said hi, it is really great to see real live customers rather than just E mails.


Look out for 'Can Do Books' at the Adelaide and Perth Working with Wood shows as they will have some of our plans for sale. Say hi to Stephanie.


In a couple of weeks I will be dropping in some of the Furniture, a Fire Station, a Bi Plane Rocker and the Barbie Dolls house to 'Lots for Tots' in Brisbane who will be stocking some of our toys in their store. If you want to see the toys drop in and have a look. Most of the furniture will have a Cedar stain.   July 2010.




The year has really flown, Hi again to all those we met at the Melbourne Working with wood show and a big thank you to all those people who ordered toys for Christmas, as soon as I got back from Melbourne we had to put a note on the site to say we couldn't accept any more orders for finished toys after the 17th of November if people wanted them delivered by Christmas as I had too many to make and get on the courier so they would be delivered in time, I had so many orders when I got back. It was bit of a rush and we had some late nights but they were all delivered in time.  We have another shop stocking our toys now, Kiddies Corner at Coorparoo in Brisbane so drop in there if you are going past. At the moment they have the Rocking horse, a Rocking chair, Dolls house, Simple Cradle and the T Models in stock. Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy and Healthy 2011,     Dec 2010




Hi again, off we are in another year, some good news for the Brisbane people, some of the Mitre 10 stores have agreed to stock our plans and kits. So soon you can see the plans and kits at the Beaudesert Mitre 10 and the plans in the Mega Mitre 10 at Beenleigh and the Mitre 10 store at Boonah. This means that you wont have to pay for postage if you drop into the store and buy them. Each store will stock eveything that you need to make your toys.


We also now have stainless steel rocking arms for the Rocking Horse, so you can buy the plan with the arms, this saves a lot of trouble trying to make them. If you already have the plan and would like the arms send me an E Mail or ring and you can order and pay for them over the phone and I will post them out to you.

March 2011




Thank you to all of our customers who came up and said Hi to us at the Maleny Wood Show a few weeks back and the Brisbane Working with Wood show which was last weekend.


I have decided to make some wheels which you can buy for the Prime Mover and the Trailers, they were a great hit at the shows and we sold over 300 of them. Soon they will be on web site, when I can get some photos done. I think most people are over making wheels after the first 20 or so.


The Cattle Truck B Double has been a great hit, we changed it from a 2 storey to a single storey so it will fit the schleich cattle which seems to be the only plastic cows available at the toys stores and they are quiet large though very pretty. We have a couple of black and white ones which do the modeling for us in the doorway of the trucks at the shows.


May 2011




Time has flown again we didn't get to either Sydney or Melbourne wood shows this year, however you can find us at the Broadbeach, Burleigh and Tamborine markets on the Gold coast, we have been accepted into the Surfers Markets however we have been so busy that we haven't made one yet, maybe closer to Christmas after all of our Christmas orders have been sent. I am currently working on getting all the orders to US and Perth away first as they will take the longest time to deliver. Our Cattle trucks have been the best seller this year with many people choosing to get them engraved with a name ie "Freds" transport .. well you get the idea. After Christmas I hope to have a Pantech, Truck and Dog and Curtain sider to add to the collection. I am making Dollies now, when I get orders for Road Trains so when I get time I will put them up and people can make their own road trains by purchasing dollies and trailers. Anyhow I must fly, thanks to everyone who has supported us during the year and a merry and safe Christmas to you all.


Nov 11




Well the Christmas rush is over and we had some time to sit back and have good look at our little business, what is selling, what it is not and all that stuff that a good business owner should do. We have decided that not many people are interested in Australian made wooden toys in general and the larger items are too costly to send. So I have decided to go back to just selling my plans to the keen woodworker and to continue to develop my range of finished toy trucks and custom made trucks which have been the most popular and are more cost effective to send.


Jan 12




Half way through the year already. I have been swamped by truck orders, so if you are thinking of getting one this year give me plenty of notice, people are already ordering for Christmas. I am only doing the Surfers Paradise Beach market on Friday nights now. Thanks to all those customers who have popped in the say hi. We are planning to take some of the Bar trucks to the Deniliquin Ute festival this year, all going well.


July 12




I didn't realise it had been so long. I have been so busy with making wooden trucks that time has just flown. And yes we are still alive and kicking, the plans are selling just as well and now I have my son helping me make the trucks. I have put up the new plans, and I promise I will get Lee to update the gallery with all of the great photos that you have been sending through.


Aug 14



Hi Again, well we have just been through a busy Christmas and back into making the trucks  for 2015. You may have noticed we have now included a section for "Bar Stuff" mainly made by my son Kyle, recently returned from the Army after 3 tours of Afghanistan. It is great to have him on board and if you are local you may catch him at Jimboomba markets a couple of times this year.


March 15



Another year has flown by, still busy with the trucks, and we have had some good wins with getting our vinyl cutter to cut out logos and the more difficult stripes. We only went to Maleny Wood show this year and we thank everyone for your support, even though the weather was terrible heaps of people made the trip and it was a great 3 days. It was good to catch up with a lot of wood workers who dropped in to say hello.


Oct 2016



Yes we are still here, I finally have 2 new plans an Articulated Grader and the Large Prime Mover which many people have been waiting for. I am  currently working on a Bull Dozer. Beyond Tools in WA had them at the WA Woodshow and the Grader was a great success.











The look on the childrens faces when you give them a toy you have made - Priceless





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